Poetry and creative writing inspired by animals and nature

Canine Dreamscapes: A Poem

Canine Dreamscapes A soft-eyed smile On a sleeping jaw Slow tail wagging And twitching paw Old friend, it seems You see far more In canine dreams At twilight. Bottle a sound To love and keep No heavenly host Could sound so sweet Than the gentle woof Of hounds asleep In the gentle kiss Of starlight. … Continue reading Canine Dreamscapes: A Poem

Earth Day: A Poem

April the 22nd, (Earth day, if you didn’t know), A day to celebrate some useful seeds that we can sow, Seeds of hope and action, seeds that help our planet, Our passion lights the fire and then our actions, they can fan it. Consider walking where you can, less fumes will be fantastic, Choose bamboo … Continue reading Earth Day: A Poem

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